Friday, November 17, 2006

Brain Teaser 9

Johnson D.S answered yesterday's teaser correctly with a good explanation. Congrats.
He also gave some other answers for brain teaser 7.. Plz have a look on the answers. Thanks Johnson.

Plz refer here for yesterdays answer.

Starting today I'm enabling comments moderation. This can make others to still guess even though anyone gave a right answers. :-) but from time-to-time I will announce if there is anyone who guess it correctly. ;-)

Today's teaser will make you as a detective to think:

Peter and Jack are fellow con artists who deliver coded messages to each other to communicate.

Recently Jack was put in jail for stealing a rare and expensive diamond. Only a few days after this, Peter sent him a friendly letter asking him how he was.

On the inside of the envelope of the letter, he hid a code. Yesterday, Jack escaped and left the envelope and the letter inside the jail cell. The police did some research and found the code on the inside of the envelope, but they haven't been able to crack it.

You as a detective, could you help the police find out what the message is?

This is the code:


If no one couldnt guess it until 2pm Malaysian Time today, I will give you hint. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Time spacers are used and the message is given in reverse.

The spacers are Watch, Clock, Sundial and Timer.

Separating them gives: ll watch awtfe clock lnisk sundial cirbe timer sool

After removing spacers what ever is left is read backwards.
That reads llawtfelniskcirbesool.
Reading backwards: loose bricks in left wall.

I don't have to explain how he used the hint to escape. However, he removed the bricks and got our and rearranged the bricks.

I still wonder why Jack left the letter for us to decode it.

Johnson D.S.


There is someone who already answer this teaser correctly. It's non otehr than Mr Johnson D.S..

It shows that this teaser is also not hard enough right? Plz keep guessing. ;)

Anonymous said...



Sorry. Here it's the clue..

It was a TIMED escape.

TIMED should be removed..

Anonymous said...

watch sundial?


Anonymous said...
watch sundial?

Nop.. The answer should be a sentence. Try again.. ;-)

Mr Bond said...

loose bricks in left wall


Congrats Mr.Bond. You are the 2nd one to answer it right. :D. (your post will be put public on tomorrow.;))