Monday, November 13, 2006

Brain Teaser 5

Congrats to Wonderboy who answered Brain Teaser 4 correctly.

The answer for Teaser 4 is:
It was the 2nd person. The first and last person cannot see other people at all, therefore it is either the third or second. The second person realised that if he and the person in front were wearing the same colored hat, the third person would be able to answer the color of his hat right away. However, since there was a long silence, then the color of the his hat and the person in front must be different.

Teaser for today:
An electric train is traveling at 90 kilometers per hour due south. A wind from the north is blowing at 95 kilometers per hour. Which way will the smoke go?

Answer.. Answer.. Answer..


Anonymous said...

sMOke goeS up lar!!!!


Anonymous said...
sMOke goeS up lar!!!!

Mr. Anonymous, the smoke goes up, ah? how ahhr? ok. never mind. You think again. If you still cant, I will post the asnwer later. But one of my friend had managed to answer this..