Friday, November 24, 2006

105. Brain Teaser 15

First of all, I would like to tell sorry. I was too busy with my project and couldn't moderate the comments yesterday. Also I couldnt post tamil message.

Today also, no tamil post. Only brain teaser. I am not sure whether I can post on Saturday & Sunday too because I might not be in to do it. If I can't, then, the next post will be on next Monday. sorry for that!!!

Let's see Brain Teaser 14's answer:
1. errers (should be errors)
2. They (should be There)
3. there are only two errors

But I like to mention here about Johnson D.S's answer. His first & second answer was same but the third one was:
Anonymous said...
On second thought, If the part, " - what are they?" is to be included, then the third error is that the hyphen "-" should have been a comma ",".
Johnson D.S.

I like this kind of thinking who thinks about something very deeply. :-)

Only 2 friends answered it correctly. (Johnson D.S. & C.M. Haniff)

Today's teaser is:
What word can you form from the word ICE AND OUT?

clue: This question is actually very famous. You may got it in any of your forward e-mails. It is very important for us especially when getting a good job.


Anonymous said...

The various words that can be formed from "ice and out" are:


From your hint, it looks like you are looking for the word EDUCATION.

Johnson D.S.

C.M.HANIFF said...

What word can you form from the word ICE AND OUT?

EDUCATION , my friend ;-)