Thursday, November 30, 2006

111. Brain Teaser 18

Yesterday's teaser was a bit difficult. But Johnson D.S., Mr. Bond & C.M.Haniff managed to answered correctly with the right reasons. Congrats..

The answer was THREE. why? Check the reason here.

Teaser today is a short one with a logical question:

A man wants to go home, but he knows he can't. Another man is standing at home holding an blunt object that is not a gun. Why can't the man go home?


Anonymous said...

Maybe this has something to do with baseball.
Standing at home holding blunt object could mean the home base holding the baseball bat. And only after he runs can the other man go home.

Johnson D.S.


Johnson D.S answered correctly. ;-)
how about others???

C.M.HANIFF said...

The man is a baseball player, home is home base, and the man at home is the backcatcher with the baseball.

;) ;) ;)