Monday, November 27, 2006

107. Brain Teaser 16

2 friends answered correctly for Brain Teaser 15.

1- Johnson D.S
2- C.M. Haniff

Today's teaser:
There once was a man who lived on the 50th floor in an apartment building. Every day he would take the elevator to the first floor and go to work. On sunny days when he came back from work, he would take the elevator to the 25th floor and walk the rest of the way. On rainy days, he would take the elevator to the 50th floor. Why is this?


Anonymous said...

he was short.thus he coudnlt reach the 50th floor button.on rainy day he used his umberella

Mr Bond said...

Because he is too short to reach the button '50th' floor in the elevator instead he can only reach button '25'.. but on rainy days he carries an umbrella so he can still press buton '50' using the umbrella
;) wink wink... heheheh


Mr. Anonymous & Mr. Bond answered correctly.. ;-)

C.M.HANIFF said...

He was a short man, on rainy days he uses his umbrella to push the button ;)