Monday, December 18, 2006

138. பிரேயின் தீசர் 30 (Brain Teaser 30)

KeyBoard is the right answer for yesterday's teaser.

Congrats to:
Jessie, Rajesh, Johnson D.S.,
FruttiTooty, Mr. Bond, C.M. Haniff,
G3, Wonderboy & Naan..

All of you answered it correctly.;-)

Today's one a short one:
Why is Saturday night important to Julius's girl friend?



//Why is Saturday night important to Julius's girl friend?//

Only then she can see Julius Ceaser. ;-)

serial rapist said...

That's when Julius sees her (Caesar) and makes love ... heheheh

Mr Bond said...

julius ceaser (sees her)

c.m.haniff said...

That's when Julius Caesar (sees her).


Hi My Friend,
That's when Julius Caesar sees her, thats why it is imp to her.

Anonymous said...

That's when Julius (sees her) Ceasar.

Johnson D.S.

c.m.haniff said...

What happened my friend ? aalaiyey kaanom ;(


Yes Friends..

You all gave a right answer.

Sorry for not around for a while.
Very Sorry because Very Busy.

I hope Brain Teaser will be back normal after New Year. So, Let me settle down at least some of my jobs.

Hope all of you will join me & keep supporting me..