Friday, December 08, 2006

125. Brain Teaser 24

Congratulation for friends who answered correctly yesterday's teaser:
1- G3
2- Johnson D.S.
3- C.M. Haniff
4- Priya

Welcome Priya for joining us in Chain-Teaser.
Johnson, Am I reminding you all your school life incident? hehehe..
Where is Mr. Bond?

Today's teaser starts with a story:

A man worked for a high-security institution, and one day he went in to work only to find that he could not log in to his computer terminal. His password wouldn't work.

Then he remembered that the passwords are reset every month for security purposes. So he went to his boss and they had this conversation:

Man: Hey boss, my password is out of date.
Boss: Yes, that's right. The password is different, but if you listen carefully you should be able to figure out the new one: It has the same amount of letters as your old password, but only four of the letters are the same.
Man: Thanks boss.

With that, he went and correctly logged into his station.

What was the new password?

BONUS QUESTION: What was his old password?

Hint: If you concentrate on the conversation, you can get the answers easily. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Old password: outofdate
New Password: different
Repeat New Password: different

Four letters that are same are: D, F, E, T

Johnson D.S.


Yes. You are right Johnson. You are the First today! ;-)

Mr Bond said...

the old password is :"out of date"
the new password is:"different"

I was in outstation for past two days... hahahah


Right answer Mr. Bond. :-)

FruttiTooty said...

New Password:- Different

Old password:- Out of Date

c.m.haniff said...

The old one was : Out of date
The new one is: Different


I guess the new passwoed is different..

not sure of the old password.:(


FruttiTooty & C.M. Haniff,

You both also answered correctly..

G3, one of your answer was correct. But, how about the second one? ;-)


Still thinking.. adhu bonus qn. dhaanae.. adha answer pannalaanum points kudukkanum solliten ;-)


New pw is 'different'
Old pw as 'out of date'


//G3 said...
Still thinking.. adhu bonus qn. dhaanae.. //

Haha. Correctaa pudichddeengka..

riya, You gave right answer too...;-)