Wednesday, May 03, 2006

An Important Transformation

A Transformation...


Lip Ngee>>.................................>>Yan Qing

Badminton Club had taken over by the new president. Yesterday! officially at StarBucks Cafe.. Old president had choose the new president.

The old president had a very good job. (That's the main reason for us to receive The Best Club Award). After a year we worked together, finally it's the time for him to step down together with us.

Now, It's all depends on the new president. We strongly beleive that she can do more. Go Yan Qing! We always will be there to support you.

Cheers for new president!
Cheers for new committees!
Cheers for Mr.X-President! (he he he)
Cheers for ols committees who are steeping down too! (including me. ha ha ha)
Last but not least Cheeeeerrrrssss to Badminton Club!!!! :D