Wednesday, October 11, 2006

1st day of working

Today is my first day of my industrial training.

Woke up 5 am today. Left my house at 6.30am and reach here at 8.45am. Me & Nickolas waited until 9.15. then, only one staff came and open the door. We taught "Walawei.. No punctual at all!!!"..

Around 9.30 like that, one staff came and introduced us to others and showed us our desk. He asked us to "lepak" at our desk first. I was wondering how come there are staffs inside but no one entered the office after it was opened.. At 10 something, 2 staff came and showed the phones of the company. They explained about the phone. and then.... Our work start...

They taught us how to do QC with the devices. Yes. It's an interesting job even though it's abit boring to do on all the same devices.
Then,we go lunch. It was a heavy rain outside. So, we went to the cafeteria.

That is the time where I realised about something.. There is a back door.. this way is where all staffs used to come in to the office :))

After lunch, until now. No work. I just do my report and blogging my 1st day experience.